ACQUITY UPLC M-Class Columns


Columns for Microscale Separations

ACQUITY UPLC M-Class Columns are designed specifically for the Waters ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System and used in nano- to microscale LC separations. These columns are optimized for maximum sample recovery and deliver superior chromatographic resolution through efficient use of sub-2-μm particles.

Faster Nano- and Microscale Separations The novel frit technology and design allows ACQUITY UPLC M-Class Columns to run up to 15k psi. Increased operating pressures yield maximum flexibility for higher throughput analyses from 75 µm ID to 1 mm ID columns. 

Maximum Chromatographic Resolution Increased pressure and longer columns of sub-2-μm particles provide a superior chromatographic performance.

Increased Sample Capacity 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm ID columns provide increased sample capacity for analyzing complex samples while maintaining a maximized peak capacity.

Scalability 75 µm to 1 mm ID columns provide the best chromatographic separations with flow rates from 200 nL/min to 100 μL/min and cover a 170-fold range of sample amounts.

UV Compatibility 0.3 mm and 1.0 mm ID columns are compatible with UV flow cells to augment your UPLC-MS analysis results.

Furthermore, when used with a mass spectrometer, ACQUITY UPLC M-Class Columns allow you to attain the highest sensitivity, resolution, and reproducibility possible for biomarker discovery and protein identification and characterization.

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