In vitro drug diffusion testing of the transfer rate across a membrane is a technology used for teh study of skin transfer kinetics and to establish batch-to-batch uniformity of topical preparations. The procedure employs a diffusion cell that seperates a donor compartment from a receptor compartment compartment with a specified membrane. Complete turn-key systems for diffusion cell testing are available from Hanson Research.

The MicroettePlusTM system provides automatic sampling from diffusion cells and collection into HPLC vials for sample analysis. The system automates sampling protocols from groups of six diffusion cells for extensive un-attended tests, and handles surfactants, saline and hydroalcoholic receptor solutions. The new MicroettePlusTM incorporates Hanson AutoplusTM technology, including

Precision 6-channel syringe pump, TeflonTM valves and sample tubing, Easy-IconTM programming with graphical display, convenient pop-up menus and help screens, up to 25 test protocols, 21 CFR PART 11 compliant firmware, “smart switch” for system communications, automatic media replace at time of sampling, programmable cell dillutions, jacketed media replace beaker, and supply kit. A choice of Hanson precision vertical diffusion cells, 6-cell drive system with stainless stand, MultiFillTM collector with interchangeable HPLC vial racks, valiation printer, and heater circulating bath round out the complete system package.


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