Vertical Diffusion Cell


The vertical diffusion cell, first popularized Dr.Thomas Franz, has been applied to a number of skin permeation studies, including topical and transdermal drug delivery formulations, as well as opthalmics, cosmetics, skin care products and pesticides. The vertical diffusion cell system is an ideal tool for quality control of topical preparations (see FDA guideline SUPAC SS). The Hanson vertical diffuson cell is newly redesigned for accuracy and ease of use, based on over fiteen years of rigorous industry, university and regulatory application.

Precision glass cell assemblies include receptor chamber, donor chamber with easy-use clamp, dosage wafer (300mg “infinite dose” or other volumes available), sampling and meida replace Parts, outside jacket for temperature control, and HelixTM stirrer.

Cells may be manually sampled, or automated with the MicroettePlusTM. Cells are designed to be”occluded” (sealing the donor from air ) to minimize any back-diffusion from automated sampling. Cells include individual serial numbers, and are available in three convenient sizes.



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