Optical Fleximeter Misura® 3 FLEX

Optical Fleximeter Misurar 3 FLEX

The Optical Fleximeter Misura® FLEX is the ideal instrument to study flexural behaviour of materials undergoing real industrial firing cycles without application of loads.

The optical fleximeter analyzes a sample that is suspended between two holding rods 60mm spaced. A HiRes videocamera frames the centre of the sample while this sags or springs up during the heat treatment.

The contact-less bending measurements throughout the entire industrial firing cycle can:

  • Determine pyroplastic deformation and speed of deformation occurring in the material at high temperature due to its weight
  • Analyze bending caused by the difference in thermal expansion or sintering behavior of multilayer systems
  • Determine the coupling temperature (measurement in the past carried out with the Steger tensiometer also known as Glaze Stress Tester);
  • Analyze bending caused by absorption of water on one face of the material.
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