Empower3 Chromatography Software


Empower 3 Software, chromatography data software (CDS), makes it easier than ever to run samples and produce meaningful results without experiencing downtime for training, re-engineering workflow, or adding new software to support instruments or advanced chromatographic techniques.

Maximize Laboratory Efficiency

Empower 3’s interface is designed to maximize your productivity, improving how you collect, process and print chromatography data. Capabilities include:

  • Customizable data reports
  • Integrated custom calculations
  • Relational data so all your meta data is traceable back to the raw data
  • Optimized workflow for different users and different analyses.

With enhanced 21 CFR Part 11 compliance capabilities, Empower 3 takes your ability to manage data integrity, advanced security features, and audit trails to new levels. Leverage electronic signatures to automate your laboratory workflow, and ease your mind regarding security, data integrity, and audits.

Key Chromatography Performance Dashboards Help Maximize Laboratory Resources

Empower Analytics assembles and displays critical chromatography performance data in easy-to-view dashboards so that users can focus on what’s most important - the interpretation of key information, not its collection.

Monitor Your Chromatography System Anytime, Anywhere Empower Mobile provides wireless access to Empower data from a tablet or smartphone, making it easier to monitor what’s happening in a laboratory, anytime, anywhere.

Enterprise Options for Advanced CDS Needs

Empower 3 Software is designed to fit into your corporate IT landscape and provides advanced performance across your network and high availability deployment options to maximize your uptime.

Designed for the Enterprise

Whether you are challenged with globalization or consolidation, Empower™ 3 Software allows organizations to deploy in a reliable, recoverable WAN environment that provides continuous service, maximizes capital investments and minimizes administrative costs.

Rapid Deployment

Empower 3 allows faster and simpler software deployment by allowing silent push installs for unattended installation from a single, remote location. Leverage Citrix® or VMWare virtualization technologies for even faster deployment, and validate your environment faster than before with our qualification tools and Advanced Verification Technology™ (AVT) Service.

Disaster Recovery

Empower 3 addresses the challenges of a wide area network. Configuration choices such as virtualization, Citrix, or server clustering and server mirroring ensure high availability, performance, and protection from hardware and software failures.

Scalability Whether you need to run a single personal workstation, support a small group of scientists, or support a network for the entire lab or an enterprise-sized organization, Empower 3 offers a configuration to meet your needs. The Enterprise solution can be scaled up or down as needed to include any number of instruments and users. Empower 3 features a distributed architecture; the user sees a single application, but the software operates with separate components for processing and reporting, for the embedded relational database (built with Oracle technology), and for instrument acquisition and control.


Empower 3 promotes collaboration and provides capabilities that allow a corporation to standardize on one CDS.

  • Simplified and harmonized workflow
  • Streamlined and integrated method development and validation
  • Multi-vendor instrument control for UPLC, LC, GC, MS, and PDA
  • Ability to share data across a corporation; even if your corporation spans different geographies Architecture that is designed for an enterprise environment
  • Reduced training efforts and cost
  • Standardized data format to reduce time for data review and electronic approval


To aid in user account creation and ease-of-use when logging in and signing off reports, Waters has implemented LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) authentication using the Microsoft Active Directory (AD) model.Empower 3 is ready to integrate into your company’s existing AD LDAP environment.

Empower 3 Software’s networked environment is highly scalable from single workstations to a network for the entire lab or organization.

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