ACQUITY UPLC Automated SPE System

  • Enhance Overall Laboratory Productivity.
  • Improve UPLC/MS Assay Results.
  • Facilitate Quick Development of Optimized Methods.

Designed as a fully integrated system for sample preparation and analysis, the ACQUITY UPLC Automated SPE System can be used for both routine SPE sample preparation and SPE method development for ACQUITY UPLC/MS Assays.

Sample Preparation by Online SPE

The ACQUITY UPLC Automated SPE System automates every step in SPE sample preparation and UPLC/MS analysis. Sample preparation by SPE is fully integrated with the UPLC/MS system, so that after sample preparation is complete, samples are eluted and applied directly to the UPLC/MS analytical column for analysis without the need for manual intervention. Sample Preparation is controlled through an easy-to-use software interface in MassLynx™ that controls many of the system parameters for SPE sample preparation. The system can operate in one of four modes by changing fluidic paths and connections to an ACQUITY UPLC System with MS depending upon the preference of the user.

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