ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System with HDX Technology


The unprecedented system-level design integrates all the steps necessary to accurately, reproducibly, and most of all, easily, perform protein conformation studies. The system and its DynamX™ HDX Analysis Software removes the barriers to adopting high resolution LC and MS for routine studies of protein conformational changes, making hydrogen deuterium exchange with MS (HDX, HDX MS, HXMS, or H/D exchange) a core competency for your laboratory.

Higher efficiency separations

By carefully controlling temperature sensitive parts of the HDX workflow, you ensure that the conformational changes are captured and not missed. The UPLC separation capable to a maximum pressure of 15,000 PSI, takes place within the cooled environment with the added advantage of sub-2-µm particles for enhanced chromatographic resolution and speed. Maintaining temperatures at 0 ± 1 °C means that back-exchange is kept to an absolute minimum. Once the hydrogen deuterium exchange reaction has been chemically quenched, the HDX Manager directs the sample to the pepsin column for peptic digestion, or directly into the MS for global analysis. The sample is then trapped for a rapid UPLC analytical separation.

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