Convergence Chromatography


The ultimate selectivity tool.

With convergence chromatography (CC), there are unlimited combinations of solvent and stationary phase selectivity. The primary mobile phase of supercritical CO2 utilized in CC is miscible with all organic solvents. In addition, any typical RP or NP stationary phase can be used, considerably expanding the selectivity space.

Dramatically streamline workflow in your laboratory

Customers often cite sample preparation as the area in most need of improvement in efforts to improve workflow, save time and reduce operating costs. Independent of the sample preparation technique being used, most matrices will respond best, and therefore will be more soluble in, an organic phase. In efforts to make that sample ready for analysis, the high organic extract must often be evaporated and reconstituted, which are the most lengthy and time-consuming sample preparation steps.

Built upon proven UPLC technology

The exceptional reliability, robustness, sensitivity and throughput of the ACQUITY UPC2 System can be attributed to its roots within the ACQUITY UPLC Technology platform. Specifically designed to manage mixtures of compressed CO2 and organic modifiers, the ultra-low dispersion ACQUITY UPC2 System is in a class all of its own. With unparalleled selectivity choice through column and mobile phase selection, the ACQUITY UPC2

ACQUITY UPC2 Built upon proven UPLC Technology to enable scientists the ability to address routine and complex separation challenges while delivering reliability, robustness, sensitivity, and throughput never before possible.

ACQUITY UPC2 Columns Designed for the ACQUITY UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography (UPC2) System, these columns provide high effiency and resolution, a wide range of selectivity, and excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility.

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