PATROL UPLC Process Analyzer


The PATROL™ UPLC® Process Analyzer is a real-time Process Analytical Technology (PAT) system that detects and quantifies complex multiple component manufacturing samples and final product directly on the production floor.

Designed with the same enabling technology that drives the ACQUITY UPLC® System, PATROL UPLC moves existing liquid chromatography (LC) analysis from off-line Quality Control (QC) laboratories directly to the manufacturing process, resulting in significant improvements in production efficiency:

  • Delivers Real-Time LC™ analysis in step with manufacturing processes
  • Provides the selectivity, sensitivity, and dynamic range of LC analysis
  • UPLC’s fast resolving power quickly quantifies related and unrelated compounds
  • Reduces process cycle times, so that more product can be produced with existing resources
  • Enables manufactures to produce more material that consistently meet or exceeds the product specifications, potentially eliminating variability, failed batches, or the need to re-work material
  • Assures end-product quality, including final release testing

The PATROL UPLC Process Analyzer is an ideal solution for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, petrochemical, and food manufacturers that are under increased internal and external pressure to evaluate PAT programs and techniques. Global regulatory initiatives, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and European Medicines Agency Critical Path and PAT Initiatives, and manufacturing quality-by-design programs, such as Six Sigma, are driving corporations to assess and implement novel PAT solutions such as the PATROL UPLC System.

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