SQ Detector 2

he SQ Detector 2 from Waters is the ultimate mass detector for chromatography. Compatibility with the broadest range of chromatography platforms and the application of Waters Engineered Simplicity design philosophy ensures every analyst can consistently generate the highest quality data with minimal training. The SQ Detector 2 is a cost-effective information rich solution that everyone in the lab can use.

  • Ease of Use – Engineered Simplicity™ is the Waters approach to design and innovation. We have purposefully created this system to reduce complexity, increase ease of use, and ensure that the correct result is delivered every time.
  • Robustness and Reliability – built upon Waters’ proven technologies, including ZSpray™ and the Universal Source architecture, the SQ Detector 2 provides a robust platform to generate consistent, high quality results.
  • Versatility – the widest range of ionization capabilities today, future-proofing for the innovations of tomorrow. Designed specifically for compatibility with a wide range of chromatographic and non-chromatographic analyses to perfectly match your analytical needs.
  • IntelliStart™monitors your system and automates detector set-up to ensure optimal performance.
  • Wide Mass Range3000 Da mass range enables analysis of both low and high molecular weight species.
  • VersatilityDesigned for optimum compatibility with UPLC, UPSFC, HPLC, GC, preparative HPLC and preparative SFC.
  • Ion Source Optionsoffers easy compatibility with the widest range of analytes through the Universal Ion Source architecture.
  • OpenLynx™ Open Access Softwareoptional application manager provides walk-up access to all levels of system user for LC/MS analyses.
  • FractionLynx™optional application manager provides comprehensive mass directed preparative chromatography applications. Compatible with OpenLynx Open Access to provide walk-up preparative capabilities to system users with all levels of experience.
  • ZSpray™Waters patented source technology provides exceptional robustness and reliability
  • Quantitative Workflowworks for you to automate routine tasks, streamlining generation, review and reporting quantitative data.