SYNAPT G2-Si Mass Spectrometry

Transform your lab's discovery capability

Information. Informatics. Impact. SYNAPT enables extensive characterization of complex mixtures and molecules with uncompromising qualitative and quantitative performance, streamlined workflows and unparalleled platform versatility.

  • Ultimate UPLC/MS/MS performance
  • Powerful data independent & data dependant solutions
  • CID and ETD fragmentation capabilities
  • Wide range of experimental options
  • Upgrade to three dimensions of resolution!

Ultimate performance for UPLC/MS/MS

Combine StepWave and UPLC separations with Quantitative Time-of-Flight (QuanTof) technologies, for the highest peak capacity and data quality. StepWave is the most sensitive and robust ion source available through its unique ability to 'actively' select ions and 'passively' reject neutral contaminants. Unlike all other mass analyzers, QuanTof provides; high mass resolution, accurate mass and isotope ratios, wide (in-spectrum and quantitative) dynamic range and m/z range - all together at the fastest acquisition rates, even for samples with high matrix burden.

CID and ETD Fragmentation Capabilities

The dual collision cell arrangement of TriWave enhances MS/MS possibilities, by providing Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) and/or Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) fragmentation with high resolution and accurate mass measurements. Our affordable ETD option is engineered for the highest performance (fragmentation efficiency) and flexibility with ease-of-use and ease-of-maintenance. The resolving quadrupole is available in 4KDa, 8KDa or 32KDa mass range options for MS/MS of small to macromolecular species.

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