Durable sensitivity with UPLC compatibility

Xevo® G2-S QTof is designed for scientists who need to identify, quantify and confirm the broadest range of compounds in complex and challenging samples.

  • StepWave™ ion optics provides unsurpassed levels of durable sensitivity
  • QuanTof™ technology delivers superior UPLC®-compatible mass resolution, matrix-tolerant dynamic range, quantitative performance, mass accuracy and speed of analysis – simultaneously
  • UPLC/MSE data acquisition comprehensively catalogs complex samples in a single analysis
  • Fast data directed analysis (FastDDA) allows full structural characterization of unknown compounds
  • Universal Ion Source Architecture enables the most extensive range of interface capabilities to service the broadest range of applications
  • IntelliStart™ guarantees maximum system performance and usability for reproducible results

StepWave Ion Optics :StepWave ion optics maximizes instrument sensitivity while minimizing routine maintenance. It transfers ions from the ion source with the highest possible efficiency while actively filtering out undesirable neutral contaminants. MS signals are dramatically increased and, because critical components in the device stay clean for longer, your quantitative results are more reproducible and your laboratory stays productive.

QuanTof Technology :QuanTof’s innovative geometry and novel ion detection system combine to enhance sensitivity and provide outstanding UPLC-compatible mass resolution, matrix-tolerant dynamic range, quantitative performance, mass accuracy and speed of analysis. The narrowest chromatographic peaks, from the most complex sample matrices, can be identified and quantified with no compromise in MS performance, allowing Xevo G2-S QTof to combine seamlessly with UltraPerformance LC® to create powerful analytical systems for your most challenging scientific problems.

UPLC/MSE :UPLC/MSE is a simple, patented method of data acquisition that comprehensively catalogs complex samples in a single analysis. It rapidly acquires accurate mass precursor and fragment ion information while simultaneously obtaining accurate quantitative profiles from every detectable component in your sample.


UPLC/FastDDA intelligently selects ions for MS/MS acquisitions in real time, as components elute from the chromatographic system.

Embedded algorithms rapidly interrogate MS survey spectra and co-eluting precursor ions are selected for MS/MS analysis based on threshold intensity, charge state and pre-defined exact mass include/exclude lists. The collision energy for each spectrum is optimized according to precursor charge state and m/z.

UPLC/FastDDA delivers rapid, automated, intelligent, exact mass MS/MS capability for full structural characterization of unknown compounds.

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