The Xevo® G2 Tof mass spectrometer with UPLC®/MSE and QuanTof technology, offers exceptional levels of sensitivity, selectivity, in-spectrum dynamic range, speed of analysis, quantitative accuracy and exact mass performance simultaneously for any experiment, whether UPLC/MS or MSE.

Xevo G2 Tof delivers the highest quality, most comprehensive information to scientists engaged in peptide mapping experiments, protein intact mass analysis, metabolite identification, discovery DMPK quantification, food safety screening, and environmental monitoring.This enables scientists to make decisions better, faster, and easier than ever before.

Key Technologies

  • QuanTof Technology
  • UPLC/MS[E]
  • Universal Ion Source Architecture

QuanTof technology

For the most sensitive, exact mass quantitative and qualitative available in a benchtop MS system


A simple, patented method of unbiased data acquisition that comprehensively catalogs complex samples in a single analysis

Universal Ion Source Architecture

The most extensive range of interface capabilities to service the broadest range of applications


Guaranteed maximum system performance and usability through our implementation of Engineered Simplicity™

System Solutions

The most complete system solutions, backed by superior support, to ensure your continued success

Upgrade path to QTof functionality

Future proof your laboratory investment with a simple, onsite upgrade path to exact mass MS/MS capability


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