See more in every sample

The single vendor solution for advanced quantitative UPLC/MS/MS applications, providing high sensitivity, selectivity and robustness combined with novel technology to visualize qualitative information in every sample.

  • Qualitative information when you need it most.
  • Accelerated method development for sensitive and robust methods.
  • Reduces complexity, increases ease of use, and ensures the correct result every time.
  • The widest range of ionization capabilities today, future-proofing for the innovations of tomorrow

Qualitative information when you need it most :

With its unique collision cell, Xevo TQ MS enables you to better address your analytical needs with the option to operate in ScanWave™ enhanced product ion scanning mode. This mode enables you to more easily confirm the identities and structures of your analytes of interest, at the low concentrations required. What’s more, this is done whilst retaining all of the capabilities of the standard T-Wave collision cell. This ensures the very best MRM quantification data for your demanding, high speed, and high resolution UPLC/MS/MS assays

Accelerated method development for sensitive and robust methods

You no longer have to accept the complications and uncertainty associated with matrix. With RADAR™, method development becomes an intelligent process, combining quantitative and qualitative data to visualize the complete sample enabling data directed decisions for sample prep and chromatographic method development.

In RADAR mode, you can monitor for matrix interferences, metabolites, impurities, and degradants in your sample while accurately quantifying your target compounds.

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