Forced Convection Oven (FCO)

13-Forced Convection Oven (FCO)

The FCO is a gas convection oven, designed for optimum temperature stability, extremely rapid heating and cooling, and ease-of-use over the temperature range of -150 °C to 600 °C. This powerful heating mechanism can heat at controlled rates up to 60 °C/min. An available liquid nitrogen cooling system is employed to achieve rapid, uniform and efficient cooling to temperatures as low as -150 ˚C. A mechanical chiller system can also be used to cool as low as -80 ˚C without the need for liquid nitrogen. The FCO is used primarily for testing polymer melts, thermosetting materials and solid specimens, and provides exceptional exclusion of oxygen, making it an effective option for high temperature testing of polymers with poor oxidative stability. Superior temperature stability and uniformity is achieved through the use of twin element heaters, which produce counter-rotating airflow in the oven chamber to heat the sample quickly and without thermal gradients.

The FCO can be mounted on either side of the test station and comes standard with a long-life internal LED lamp and window viewing port. An optional camera viewer can be used to record real-time sample images throughout experiments. This visual record is helpful for data validation and sample condition verification. A range of geometries are available for the FCO, including parallel plate, cone and plate, solid torsion, cone and partitioned plate (CPP), extensional viscosity fixture (EVF), the SER2-A Universal Testing Platform and a new range of linear DMA clamps.

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