Upper Heated Plate

04-Upper Heated Plate

Designed for use with Peltier plates to eliminate vertical temperature gradients in samples.

The UHP sets a new standard in non-contact heating with patented technologies that deliver the most accurate and reliable temperature control. A cylindrical heat transfer unit, with an integrated electric heater and a liquid/gas cooling channel, surrounds the cylindrical heat spreader geometry.

These two components are in very close proximity, but do not contact, enabling efficient heat transfer and unimpeded torque measurement. Unlike competitive designs, the heat transfer unit and the geometry heat spreader remain in constant spatial relation to one another regardless of the test gap, keeping heat transfer uniform at all times.

A unique calibration permits the system to match upper and lower plate temperatures at all heating rates, ensuring uniform sample heating on both sides, virtually eliminating the need for thermal equilibrium time and enabling true temperature ramp experiments. Conventional, non-contact upper heaters require an offset calibration between the directly measured heater temperature and the indirectly calibrated plate temperature. Patented Active Temperature Control (ATC) eliminates the need for a heaterto-plate offset table by directly measuring the upper plate temperature at all times. See ATC technology section for more details.

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