DXF 900

DXF 900

High speed Xenon source and reflective optics deliver a uniform, powerful flash on the entire surface of the specimen for high-accuracy thermal diffusivity measurements. 

The Discovery Xenon Flash (DXF) source module employs a High Speed Xenon-pulse Delivery source (HSXD) which has considerably higher efficiency, lower costs and less maintenance than equivalent systems. A reflective optic configuration of our design effectively harnesses the power of a Xenon flash tube and, with the aid of proprietary wave guides, delivers it to the specimen inside the Environmental Module. DXF 900 produces a pulse width of 400 μs to 600 μs and uniformly concentrates the power from the flash source directly on the entire face of the specimen. Due to this optimized optical arrangement and the broad light spectrum, specimens as large as 25 mm in diameter can be illuminated with sufficient energy to make a high-accuracy measurement. The use of large samples diminishes errors associated with inhomogeneity and permits representative measurements of poorly dispersed composites.

DXF 900 covers the most common range of temperatures, from Room Temperature to 900°C. It is suitable for research and development programs as well as production control.

Employing nichrome heaters and an aluminum air-cooled shell, DXF 900 operates from Room Temperature up to 900°C in air or inert gas purge and is vacuum-tight to 10-2 torr. The Xenon-pulse induced temperature change is measured from the rear surface of the specimen using a liquid nitrogen-cooled IR detector. The four positions sample-holder accommodates a variety of specimen sizes in round or square shapes.

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