DTC 25


An instrument for direct determination of thermal conductivity near ambient of various low and medium thermal conductivity materials, including solid, liquid, paste, powder, thin film by using guarded heat flow method. 

The entry level of TA Instruments Discovery Thermal Conductivity Meters, DTC 25 is a guarded heat flow meter measuring the thermal conductivity at room temperature accordingly to the ASTM E1530 Standard. It suited to analyze a variety of materials, including polymers, ceramics, composites, glasses, rubbers, some metals, and other materials ranging from low to medium thermal conductivity.

Because of its simple operation and short cycle time, the DTC-25 is ideally suited for quality control and screening of materials. Non-solids, such as pastes or liquids, can be tested using special containers. Thin films can also be tested accurately using a multi-layer technique supported an optional software package.

Typical sample size is 50mm (2”)

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