FOX 600 GHP is a Guarded Hot Plate system that provides “Absolute” thermal conductivity of insulating materials over a wide temperature range in accordance with international standard test methods ASTM C177, ISO 8302, and EN 12667. 

FOX 600 GHP is especially well-suited for thermal conductivity measurements at high temperatures, exhibiting unrivaled temperature and dimensional stability. Each of its components include state-of-art technology representing the best available today in advanced materials and electronics.

In a Guarded Hot Plate system a temperature difference (ΔT) is established across a sample of known thickness (L). The thermal conductivity is calculated from the temperature difference across the known thickness and the steady state power (W) per area (A) required to maintain the temperature difference. The Guarded Hot Plate uses a direct measurement of the electrical power supplied to the hot plate rather than heat flow meter signals from a Heat Flux Transducer.

Using an advanced single-sample test method, GHP 600 allows for fast cycle time yet guarantees accuracy, is easy to use, and provides stable, uniform temperature control. By the use of independently controlled heaters and matched thermocouples it guarantees a homogeneity of ±0.02 °C across the entire sample. Signals are evaluated every 0.7 seconds to rapidly bring the system to the selected temperatures and achieve/maintain equilibrium.

As all the FOX Familiy, GHP600 features optical encoders and stepper motors for independent position control and measurement at all four plate corners. Significantly easing sample preparation process as so the system can level the plates to conform to samples with non-parallel surfaces, improving thermal contact and providing a truly representative measurement of sample thickness to within 0.025 mm.

From the cutting Edge Heat Sinks to the revolutionary design of the Hot Plate, including its unique Guards, a GHP600 is unquestionably the most advanced GHP on the market today

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