The use of automated instrumentation is the right approach to meet today's laboratories productivity requirements, reducing analysis run times, enhancing sample throughput, and increasing analytical accuracy and precision. In this view, preventive maintenance is very important to maximize laboratory uptime and avoid unexpected expenses. Performance Maintenance from Waters addresses immediate and future service issues on Waters instrumentation to maximize system productivity and uptime.

  • Minimizes unscheduled down-time that might affect your productivity
  • Helps lower your overall cost of ownership

Scheduled at your convenience, a Performance Maintenance visit is a feature of many of our Instrument Service Plans:

  • Meets the demands of your Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) whether you are in highly regulated or non-regulated areas
  • Ensures a consistent maintenance standard for your instruments, wherever their location around the world, through the application of Performance Maintenance Kits that contain necessary material and appropriate documentation
  • Performance Maintenance Kits contain all the Waters Quality Parts® needed to be maintained within a 12-24 month period in order to keep your instrumentation at peak performance
  • Waters Quality Parts, manufactured under the same strict regulatory standards as your high performance Waters systems.